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General Manager's Message


Spring and summer are seasons of activity, while autumn invites us to take a step back and listen to our body: Are we resting enough? Have we been eating right? Do we feel healthy?

The traditional Chinese diet has a long history of nourishing the body based on thousands of years of Chinese medicine philosophy. 

For example, meals that are balanced have ingredients that are yin (wet and moist) and yang (dry and crisp). Yin foods (usually carbohydrates) cool the body and yang foods (usually proteins) heat it up.

Furthermore, traditional Chinese culture believes that each taste is linked to an organ and an element.

Bitter is tied to the heart and fire; sweet to the spleen and earth; sour to the liver and wood; spicy to the lungs and metal; and salty to the kidneys and water. A healthy meal should comprise all five tastes to keep the body in balance and protect it from disease.

At The China Club, we pay attention to the harmony of the five tastes in every menu and use natural ingredients. This is not only about health but also about honouring Chinese wisdom and passing it on to future generations. 

So this season, don't forget to check out our nourishing double-boiled soup series. This method of making soup comes from the Chinese medicine practice of boiling herbal soups - different ingredients (according to the vitamins that one needs) are cooked over long hours to slowly extract every bit of nutrient.

We hope that you bring your loved ones and friends to The China Club to savour our creations, which have been thoughtfully prepared. You'll have peace of mind to know that good food can indeed be healthy and delicious at once. 

Andrew Mah
General Manager