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General Manager's Message


A few things are changing the world in big ways: a new president in America, a new global project by China, a new milestone of ASEAN. At the heart of these developments is an unchanging value: the importance of relations. Econominc, cultural and political ties will eventually be forged or loosened. 

While these happenings seem overwhelming, we can, on a personal level, continue to value our own relationships. Time does change our bonds with others, but in the precious moments that we have with anyone, we can value him or her with all our sincerity. 

In fact, sincerity is the attitude that we bring to our guests at The China Club. From the moment you step in, we are excited to host you and your family and friends. We can't wait to extend our hospitality. Most of all, we hope you will share great memories and form deeper ties with those that you dine with at our club. The year-end is a perfect time for appreciating those whom you love. 

For the festive occasion, our chef has prepared a delightful seasonal menu of Shanghai cuisine that you can enjoy at special rates. Turn the pages to find out more. 

On the last evening of 2017, if you're looking to have either a celebratory or a contemplative countdown with loved ones, the Long March Bar accommodates both occasions. More details await you in these pages as well. 

Otherwise, why not make plans for our New Year's Eve party? It will be a memorable night under beautiful skies. There will be music and even some magical moments. Whether you have had an easy or a difficult years, we welcome you at our party to take in the great view of the city, which will energise you for all that is to come.

Andrew Mah
General Manager