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General Manager's Message


The Chinese New Year is a highly anticipated annual event. 

The China Club is proud to present our CNY Set Menus that will immerse you, your loved ones and your guests in a memorable festive feast. Our range gives you a choice from the bountiful to the lavish - and every set menu has been crafted to remind us of the rich symbolisms in a  Chinese meal.

For example, fish or 鱼 (yú) is a mush-have dish because of the saying, 年年有鱼 (nián nián you yú), meaning "yearly, we will have fish" - portraying the abundance of food for a family. This is also a homophone for 年年有余 or "yearly, we will have money", signifying a prosperous new year.

年糕 (nián gão) is another important dish. The rice cakes symbolise 年(nián), which means "year", and 糕 (gão), which sounds like "high" in Chinese. So the idea behind eating this dessert is to have a lucky year, where one can scale great heights. 

Noodles represent longevity, which is why it remains a staple of Chinese New Year dinners. The longer the noodles, the better!

Come to The China Club and enjoy these well-loved delicacies that our chef has put his own spin on. We warmly invite you to celebrate the Spring Festival in the skies with breathtaking views of the city, our impeccable service and a rich heritage of Chinese cuisine. 

Have a great 2018 ahead - one that is filled with beauty, clarity and prosperity!

CNY Closure:
We will be clossed from 16 Feb to 19 Feb 2018 for the festive season. 
We will resume business on 20 Feb 2018.

Andrew Mah
General Manager